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MultiDoc Converter

What is MultiDoc Converter?

MultiDoc Converter is a Freeware software to convert multiple documents in a batch mode. Among many other formats this converter supports MS Word, OpenOffice and PDF.

MultiDoc Converter main screen

What document formats can MultiDoc Converter support?

Following document formats can be used as a source as well as a target file.
  • Word 2007 document (*.docx)
  • Word 97 - 2003 document (*.doc)
  • OpenOffice open document (*.odt)
  • Rich text format (*.rtf)
  • Word XML document (*.xml)
  • Hypertext Markup Language (*.htm, *.html)
  • Electronic Publication (*.epub)
  • Web Archive, single file (*.mht)
  • Text file (*.txt)

PDF can be set only as a target file.

Is MultiDoc Converter for free?

Yes, this converter is 100% free, both for private and commercial purposes.